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Missing Toledo Man Found Dead

What happened to Jovan Cal Williams? That’s what police are trying to determine after his body was found over the weekend in the V.O.A. Area in Punta Gorda Town. As we reported, he left home Thursday, November 11 to socialise with some friends in the town. He took his wife’s phone with him and all efforts to reach him proved futile. His family’s worst fears were confirmed when his body was found on Saturday wrapped in white clothing and a multicolored hammock. The body was buried in a shallow grave with an open wound visible in the stomach area. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung spoke to Williams’s friend about this tragedy.

Voice of Friend: “For the past two or three days they said that he was missing over the social media they started to post pictures and that’s all I heard that he was missing and sometime this morning we started getting news that they had confirmed they found him dead somewhere in PG, in a remote area in PG.” 

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Do you have any idea why anybody would have liked to kill him or anything like that ? 

Voice of Friend: “I have no idea. I know him as a family person. He has a young child and you know I haven’t – he’s not a gang member or nothing like that. I know him as a very hard worker so I don’t know what happened there or why they would want to do him such thing. I have known Mr.Jovan Williams for almost all his life, twenty odd years we all know each other here in PG it’s very small. I’ve known him since he was growing up. He does construction right now building houses with his dad. He was a great footballer and I noticed beside that he usually worked with his dad and built houses.”

Love News understands that his bicycle was also found abandoned in a bushy area. The bicycle was taken in by police to lift possible finger prints.