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Missing Woman was murdered

68-year-old Marta Gonzalez was reported missing by her son 37-year-old Romario Ixpec. Gonzalez lived in San Felipe Village in Orange Walk and apparently traveled to the Stann Creek District to sell cheese.  Ixpec told police that she typically sells cheese in that district. However, the last time he saw his mother was on November 23rd, when she left home to go to Dangriga. Today after 11 a.m. this morning, Marta Gonzalez’s body was found in an open lot in Pomona. Superintendent Leslie Wade, the Officer Commanding the Dangriga Police Formation, told LOVEFM’s southern correspondent Harry Arzu that they are treating Gonzalez’s death as murder

Commander Leslie Wade: “Police visited an area just off the right hand side of the road mile 10 on the Stann Creek Valley Rd. where they discovered the lifeless body of a missing lady Ms. Martha Gonzalez from San Felipe Village which is in the Orange Walk District. At present the body has been retrieved and the Post Mortem will be conducted sometime later on this evening. This person was identified to be the same person, Ms. Martha Gonzalez by this son. At present Police are seeking two suspects of which we believe could be an asset to this Police investigation.

Harry Arzu: “Was she found in a Latrine?

Commander Leslie Wade: “Well yes she was found in an outside toilet.

Harry Arzu: “Was the body in any state of Decomposition?

Commander Leslie Wade: “At this time yes was in a state of decomposition but not to an advanced state I would say at this time.

Harry Arzu: “So would we consider this to be a murder?

Commander Leslie Wade: “At present the Police is treating it as murder. So far all that we have found is a empty plastic bucket of which we believe she utilized to do the sales of cheese that she usually brings on Friday to sell.