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Mission team helps needy families

Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry, a Christian organization, based in Florida has been providing Belizean families with food supplies for the past five years.  This year the ministry is collaborating with the Belize City Council to provide food supplies and back to school items to families in need. Love News met up the group at Swift Hall where they are reaching out to the residents of the Lake Independence constituency.  Dr. Candace Pitts, Councilor at the Belize City Council said the collaboration falls within the Council’s vision of touching the lives of city residents in a tangible manner.

Dr. Candace Pitts – Councilor, Belize City Council: They brought in thirty nine barrels of products including school bags, back to school supplies, food, clothing, shoes, hygiene products and other items.

Jonelle McKenzie: Now how do you ensure that these products will be reaching the right people?

Dr. Candace Pitts – Councilor, Belize City Council: Right we have a ticket system, a loose ticket system, where we issue tickets to all of the standard bearers of the constituencies as well as the councilors from the Belize City Council who reside in the constituencies to identify the residents that are most in need of this assistance.

Brenda August is the founder of the Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry.

Brenda August – Founder, Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry: We are hoping to impact here in Belize about five hundred families. The donation comes from our organization and our sister churches.  I am Seventh Day Adventist and I do attend a church by the name of the Acreage Seventh Day Adventist Church in West Palm Beach. We also have our sister church the FTS Summit Church of West Palm Beach. We have other organizations that support this mission. We have friends and families. The dollar value; I can’t even put a dollar value on it.  I would say about ten thousand dollars trying to get the stuff here, maybe even more because we had to pay for the barrels. We had to pay for some of the items, especially the school items, the back to school supplies, we provide books and pens and pencils and you know the book bags and so it’s you know; it all comes from the community, from donation and from solicitation there in the United States trying to put this together. God has been good because when I got with the Belize City Council and spoke with the Mayor, through my brother we got connected, the vision was to come and maybe bring about twenty barrels here and try to do something here but as time went on and the solicitation went forward I ended up with close to forty barrels.

Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministry will also be providing residents of the Port Loyola and Collet constituencies with food and back to school supplies over the next two days.