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Missionary group working with Mayflower community

The work to remove the garbage in the Mayflower community is not the only assistance rendered there. Today, a missionary group from the First Baptist Church in Georgia, USA visited the community. The group’s leader, John Jones says they have been working in that community for well over eight years and are back this summer break to continue helping the residents.

John Jones – Missionary
“We have a team of people that range from 20-30 people. Every year we come down in the Summer and it’s been for eight years now and we do a combination of things, we do vacation Bible school ministry for some of the local churches around here and we also do sports ministry for the teenage girls and boy with the soccer ministry and craft ministry for the girls and then myself and some other men also do construction which we are doing back here in the Mayflower area doing now repairing safety hazards and stairways and making sure that people have good safe plumbing and that their roofs don’t leak so that is also an element of our mission.

Jones says they also come to Belize several other times during the year for religious retreats.