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MMA Fight in Orange Walk

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that takes the best of the boxing world, karate and wrestling into one super, energetic sport. It has been growing over the years since it was initially promoted by various schools that practice Shotokan. The Prevail MMA Club emerged from the House of Shotokan and now they have transformed it into the Belize MMA League. The Belize MMA League has a 3 round tap-out event scheduled this weekend in Orange Walk. Love News spoke to one of the fighters, Alexander Murray and the CEO for the PRO FC Israel Vasquez about what to expect when the bell rings.

Alexander Murray – MMA Fighter: “We are going to have a mix martial arts fight and I will be performing on the main card this Saturday and mixed martial arts is a blend of all fighting styles combined in one. Another man and I are going to be wrestling, striking, kickboxing and doing submissions. It is going to go all over the place, against the wall, against the floor, pick him up and toss him over the wall.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Okay so at this Tapout Event how how many fighters do you have? Are they from different countries or mainly from Belize?”

Alexander Murray – MMA Fighter: “We have a big team coming from Belize: Prevail MMA and some guys coming from San Pedro. We have Mexican guys coming and girls also performing at the event. Guatemalan guys are coming to face us also in the main event, all three main event fights are going to be against the Guatemalans.”

Israel Vazquez- CEO, PRO FC: “The New MMA Belize promotion, the Belize’s MMA League is the first MMA League in Belize. It was born off the Prevail Combat Club in Belize that started way back in 2012. Jose, you are familiar with all the work that you guys did to set the ground up and that is why we brought Alex back, he is one of the first guys. It is all coming full circle now, we have our own MMA league in Belize and this is the first show. PRO FC presents Sugar City Fight Night in Orange Walk on April 27th at 6 PM. There will be twelve fights: eights fights on the main card and four undercard. The undercard is hype also because we have the first female MMA fight, we have big girls: Agi Gabriel from Belize versus Janetti Degado from Cancun 170 1bs, these girls are bigger than me so it is going to be really good.”