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Modiri and Paumen in court again

Businessmen, Bradley Paumen and Michael Modiri have been up and down at the courts concerning several matters from criminal to civil. Once again, they were back in court today.  In July, Modiri was seeking the court’s assistance in collecting three hundred thousand dollars in damages, a judgment the court had passed earlier for Paumen’s encroaching on Modiri’s land to run his tour business. In this regard, Senior Counsel Oscar Sabido appeared in court on behalf of the claimant, Modiri. Today was the continuation of the case and Sabido spoke to the media about the claim.

Senior Counsel Oscar Sabido: “We had an application before the Court for summary judgment, basically one point we were asking which is that the Court declare that the shares that were half of the shareholdings in the two companies: the two companies were in issue that hold the lands and we said those shares belong to Mr.Paumen even though they were in another person’s name: one Pedro Ack and the Court actually agreed with us and gave the summary judgment today that said yes. In a sense it was almost like we kind of came to that point, both sides because it was clear that it was an obvious admission by the Attorney on the other side who said in his readings that well the shares actually belong to Mr. Paumen. They are being held by Mr. Ack for Mr. Paumen. Litigation that in the end awarded this large amount of money for exemplary damages which in a sense reflects the conduct of the other side; Mr. Paumen in terms of how he dealt with these matters and the Court took it very seriously but the enforcement cannot be done because there was no asset that we could find so only one share in each of the companies and Sibun Green is one of the companies. The point was that those particular, one share each wasn’t enough so we had to go and find a way to establish that the shareholdings held by somebody else was the property of Paumen and so it puts him in a position where now the claimant Mr. Modiri may be able to collect his money because he has made one step forward in establishing the ownership of the shares.