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MOE inspectors to visit Mount Carmel Preschool

Another school that faced its share of issues is Mount Carmel Preschool in Benque Viejo, Cayo District. Our news team traveled to the school to learn that the Ministry of Education denied its license application because the bathrooms were a distance away from the classrooms. When we last spoke to the school’s manager, we were told bathrooms were being built inside the classrooms, and the school would open its doors in October. The Chief Education Officer also told us that inspections are scheduled next week.

Dr.Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer: “They are building the bathroom inside the building as we had suggested, it’s a part of the recommendation the policy when you’re building a preschool and so the District Education Council will go back and do an investigation and then they will recommend to me whether the school is fit for opening. Remember these are three and four-year-olds so if you have three and four-year-olds you would want them to be supervised at all times. Having the bathroom outside means that those children will be unsupervised and the teachers and the management will be held responsible and it is our responsibility as the Ministry of Education to ensure that every child in our school system is safe so we need to put safety measures in place. Our District Education Centers they do supervision of schools and when they go and do inspections like right now early September they go and visit every district education manager and their education officers visit and do a spot check of every single school within each district and if they find that that is a problem then they’d make that recommendation that the bathroom must be inside and not outside.”

Love News will keep following this story.