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MOH figuring out who came in contact with patient seven and eight

Dr. Manzanero also spoke of the condition of Patients Seven and Eight and the mapping process.

Dr. Manzanero also spoke of the condition of Patients Seven and Eight and the mapping process.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “We have done an initial mapping for case #8. Case #8 five initial close contacts were swabbed and ten other contacts have also gone through that process. Understand that there are two private facilities that saw this patient before he made contact with the Ministry of Health Public Health System so those healthcare workers will now have to go through that extra screening process if you will. In terms of patient #7 who is at Karl Heusner he is improving. He is not really requiring extraordinary measures that will require him to be in an ICU so we are in discussions with the internists/intensivists at Karl Heusner to see what mechanism we would have for him if he doesn’t require to be in ICU care at Karl Heusner which means he’s probably going to be left in a hospital area setting more than likely out of Karl Huesner because he doesn’t really require ICU care and we are following the protocols in terms of referral. So you know that if you are in an ICU at Karl Heusner once you have completed , you no longer require there you are sent to a ward, I don’t know that that’s going to happen for this patient he’s more than likely going to be moved out of Karl Heusner if he doesn’t require ICU care.”

The ninth positive test result came out of a batch of thirty tests conducted yesterday including close encounters of Patients Six and Seven.  To date, the Ministry of Health has screened three hundred and sixty-four persons.