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MOH to introduce grading system for restaurants

Last month, we told you that the Ministry of Health will be introducing a grading system for restaurants, where they will be rated according to their performance in various areas. Today, the Principal Public Health Inspector, John Bodden, explained how the system will work.

John Bodden, Public Health Inspector, Ministry of Health: “We have drafted the tool that we will be doing inspection which is based on a grade system, based on that people will find themselves falling in four categories. Now this has not been socialized with the general public because it’s still in the development phase but what we will be doing is to classify these facilities based on the score that they get and that could give the public an opportunity to say ‘’I want to eat at this facility.“ because you know the grading system will also trigger probably costs associated with it because people would have to put in certain things. And of course you have somebody who is in an A-class obviously you know they have made significant investment and so people might have a little increase in terms of cost. But all in all, it is to look at the restaurants that we have in this country and to establish a system to say that you’re at this level and of course those who are not meeting the minimum standards would definitely not be able to be operating so they will be closed down.”

Bodden added that it is an opportunity for restaurants which are presently not up to standard to step up their game. The grading system will be implemented next year.