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MOH Signs Contract with Dialysis Providers

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has signed a Dialysis Contract with six of the nation’s dialysis providers. The annual contract is  signed in September with the intent to provide patients suffering from renal failure with access to the ministry’s Hemodialysis Programme but was not done last year due to a change in administration. The Ministry signed a temporary contract yesterday with the Belize Healthcare Partners, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic, La Loma Luz Hospital, Dialysis De Belice, Dialysis De Caribe, and the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Chairman and President of the Romana Linda Dialysis Clinic Carlos Perera spoke to our newsroom on how this partnership with the Ministry will benefit Belizeans. 

Carlos Perrera, Chairman and President, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic: “There’s a new administration that came into government  and there was a transition that needed to be done in regards to the contract and so what was signed yesterday was particularly only for a period of time to get it up to the date of where the original annual contracts were signed. So for argument sake the renewal of contracts are done every October of the respective year and as you’re aware the current administration came in in the latter part of November and so what they did with clinics like us it was only for a period to put us up to date coming to the next annual year of September. So these contracts that we signed was just to get us up to date and I think it was a period of six to seven months and then there will be a renewal in September of this year which will then be for a longer term period which is normally on an annual basis from that end. So we as one of the new providers in that regard not a new company just an additional clinic that we opened because we do have other business relationships with other providers within the country for example Healthcare Partners and so forth. So what we did yesterday was to sign on now what’s happening Ramona Linda Dialysis Center in Cayo we’re able to expand and meet the demand in the Cayo area. Basically what was happening is that the existing dialysis center that was there was not able to meet the demand and therefore with our clinic in that area we were able to allow the ministry to expand their services.” 

The contract saw twenty-five persons being provided with the two treatment sessions per week covered by the Ministry. Perera explained the process of how these patients were selected. 

Carlos Perrera, Chairman and President, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic: They basically formulate a patient selection committee to approve the list of patients for hemodialysis that’s basically how it is actually selected and then they do a monitoring and evaluation service and they ensure that we are providing that particular service and they do the payments to us and then they do conduct an annual patient satisfaction survey as well from that end. So the way it is selected is that they formulate a patient selection committee to approve the list of patients for hemodialysis treatment.” 

The Ministry of Health first launched the contract back in 2010 with only the KHMH and La Loma Luz Hospital.