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MOHW anticipating a downward trend of COVID-19 cases

And, on the COVID-19 front, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is expecting to see a downward trend in new infections within the next few weeks. Today, the Ministry confirmed ninety new cases with zero new deaths. Of that total, the Orange Walk District had the highest number of new cases with a total of twenty-four. There are currently four hundred eighty-three active cases country-wide. Director of Public Health and Wellness, Dr. Melisa Diaz Musa, spoke about what the ministry is doing to lessen the virus’ spread.

Dr. Melissa Diaz Musa, Director of Public Health and Wellness: “Well with regards to COVID-19, we are seeing a decline in numbers. It’s very slow but if you can recall, we now have BA.5 so we may not see a full trough. We may see a plateau and then an increase again in another week to two with the BA.5 as the variant that would be mainly detected. We’re currently in a wave but we’re seeing that we’re on the downward trend and it’s important for us to continue on the downward trend. Even though we may say that we’re not seeing hospitalisations and death, it is still important for us to prevent COVID-19. We need to prevent any outbreaks and as well, we don’t know as yet the long term effects of COVID-19. You know, some people may have very mild or no symptoms and yet end up two to three months after having brain fog, fatigue, and so it’s important for us to still continue to work as a community. Take your personal responsibility and do what you need to do to protect your vulnerable population and to ensure that you wear your mask over your nose and mouth if you’re in a crowded indoor situation that you can’t avoid. Make sure that if you’re pregnant, if you’re diabetic, if you’re hypertensive that you try to ensure that you don’t go to crowded areas or you don’t expose yourself to persons that you know are ill. Only in doing this that we can break the transmission as a country and continue to see the numbers going down.”