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MOHW not considering reverting to strict measures – at least not yet

It’s been a solid eighty days since the Ministry of Health and Wellness lifted the strictest of the public safety measures. Since April 1, people could move about freely, attend public events and are not mandated to wear a mask. Given the steady increase in COVID-19 infections, we asked the Director of Health and Wellness whether we should go back to the way things were before April 1. Dr. Melissa Diaz indicated that we’re not there just yet. 

Dr.Melissa Diaz Musa, Director of Public Health and Wellness: “With regards to the mask mandate for outdoors it is best that if you’re planning anything, if you’re having a function try to do as many outdoor activities as possible. When you’re indoors we’re still recommending especially at the work place, especially if you can’t social distance effectively to still utilize your mask that’s very important especially to help us at this point to break this transmission and to see our numbers going down.”

Reporter: What I’m asking is should we revert to where we were before April 1st ? 

Dr.Melissa Diaz Musa, Director of Public Health and Wellness: “At this point it’s not what we’re going to recommend. We still really ask for personal responsibility, responsibility to our community and to each other as well. If you do know that you’re sic, you’ve had fever, a family member is ill notify your work place, ensure that people know what’s happening because you can still transmit if you are mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic so that’s very important for us to remember. Not because if you feel well, if you know you were very closely exposed, if you know that you were ill within the last twenty four hours ensure that you inform your HR person at your work or you keep your distance you work from home and you utilize your mask.”