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MOHW Opens New Testing Sites Amidst Surge of COVID-19 Numbers

Given the recent spike in cases, The Ministry has opened a number of new testing sites across the country in an effort to make testing more accessible. Deputy Director of the Central Health Region, Doctor Melissa Diaz shared more details about the initiative.

Dr.Melissa Diaz, Deputy Regional Manager, Central Health Region: “New testing sites have opened  all over the country. Yesterday we opened Swift Hall. Swift Hall was  Originally used in Belize city as a vaccine site from March to December of last year and we had decreasing numbers in the latter part of last year so we made the decision to close it for the Christmas time. We’ve reopened it now to address the needs of the people living in the Belize district in order for us to get the tests out, get the testing done and get persons isolated and treated as quickly as possible.  Across the country testing has increased as well in all the different districts and we do know that testing sites have been opened as well in San Pedro we have a testing site at the park, the main park, and for Belize district we have Swift Hall , we have the Civic Center and we also have a testing site here at central health region. Now I would like to also say to the general public that if you do have significant symptoms, if you’re having shortness of breath,  severe fatigue,  dehydration, any of these symptoms please come to one of our health facilities. So we have in Belize City we have Cleopatra White as the flu clinic but Matron Roberts, Ladyville Health Center, San Pedro Flu Clinic, and Caye Caulker Health Center is also available we’re doing testing in all these places. We have health outposts in some of the villages like in Burrel Boom and in Maskall where the nurses are also doing testing at these locations.”