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MOHW Reports Sixty Four New Cases of COVID-19

Today there are 64 new cases of Covid-19 to report. The Ministry of Health and Wellness reports that active cases are still slightly above one thousand and most of the people hospitalized are unvaccinated. The Ministry’s biostatistician, Edgar Nah has the update in the following report.

Edgar Nah, Biostatistician, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “64 new confirmed cases were found. This gives us a daily positivity rate of 5.43. There are 243 people under investigation and currently we have 12 people admitted to the hospital with covid and of that 8 people are in the ICU. Today we’re reporting 117 new recoveries and 0 new deaths. That puts our fatality rate at 1.88. The district report. Corozal today is reporting 19 new cases. Orange Walk is reporting 3. Belize is reporting 12. San Pedro is reporting 1. Cayo is reporting 14 new cases. Stann Creek is reporting 8 and Toledo is reporting 7. As mentioned before no new deaths are being reported today.”

On Monday we reported that there several cases of Covid-19 aboard the Norwegian Cruise ship, ‘Breakaway’. The ship made a stop in Belize last week as well as in Mexico and Honduras. Latest reports say that the ship had as many as seventeen confirmed cases of COVID-19 onboard, most of them asymptomatic crewmembers. The Belize Tourism Board has confirmed to us this evening that rigorous measures were undertaken to prevent local transmission. Director responsible for Cruises, Abil Castaneda explained how it works for all cruise ships.

Abil Castaneda, Director of Cruise, BTB: “There is a process by which a crew member comes onto the ship. What happens is that if any new crew member comes from anywhere around the world to the particular home port they have to be tested, they have to go through the whole regimen and they have to quarantine for approximately seven to ten days some even up to fourteen days. And so what happens is that if they find you positive coming on they automatically quarantine you, they do whatever contact tracing needs to be done but they keep you on the ship in isolation areas so that when you’re out and ready to be able to go to work that you can. It’s a system that every cruise line that we currently receive goes through. In this case as has happened in the past the cruise line provides a health declaration. It should be forty eight hours sometimes it’s twenty four and then the night before to indicate what is happening on board from a health point of view. So the Ministry of Health would actually get a list of all the passengers that are going through some sort of health issues whether it be covid or not and so based on that information our Ministry of Health provides an indication whether the ship can call. It’s not the BTB that gets involved in that this is a purely Ministry of Health decision. There is a very controlled environment within the cruise lines and you can imagine after what happened in 2020 the cruise lines in restart of the cruise industry made sure that the protocols they have in place are the strictest so that they not only not negatively impact the guest experience on board but at the end of the day don’t end up to a point where we have situations like we had in 2020 with ships being sort of just stranded somewhere.”

So far, Belize has tallied five hundred and seventy-eight fatalities due to COVID-19. Fully vaccinated individuals are over one hundred and ninety-six thousand while close to two hundred and ten thousand have received the first dose.