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MOHW Reports Sixty-One New Cases of Covid-19

Tonight, there are sixty-one new cases of Covid-19 to report. Today’s data also records one additional death and seventy-one cases that have been dubbed as recovered. The recent numbers are seeing a decrease in new cases as well as admissions at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. On Sunday the KHMH had thirteen admissions with a 56-year-old unvaccinated man losing the fight to the virus. Yesterday the hospital had ten admissions with two on the high-flow machine and one on ventilator. Despite the reduction in the numbers, Ministry of Health officials advised citizens with underlying citizens to understand that contracting Covid-19 is not a death sentence.

Dr.Damaris Cruz, Medical Doctor Maternal and Child Health Uni: “The fact that we have a comorbidity especially diabetes and hypertension dose not mean that you will have a fatal end. There are a lot of people that are surviving, there are a lot of people that are progressing through the disease well. One of the main recommendations for individuals with comorbidities is for now more than ever to continue with your medications. To continue visiting your primary health facility to see a doctor, make sure that you have your medications. If you’re not able to see the doctor at a scheduled date try to arrange another date or to see another physician, another doctor that can evaluate you and that can get you your medication so that you keep your chronic illnesses as controlled as possible. Make sure that you follow the diet especially in diabetics and hypertensive patients where diets place a significant role and that we continue to exercise all our measures or precaution especially for those of us who have comorbidities.”

The other piece of advice from health officials was for those who have contracted Covid-19. It speaks of the after effects of the virus.

“We classify outcomes as dead or recovered because the truth is that just because you didn’t die doesn’t mean that covid didn’t affect you serious. There are cases of long covid, there are debilitating outcomes that come from this and you didn’t die in this case but your body was severely affected because of the covid so it’s best to just take precautions, get vaccinated if you’re able to and just take care of yourself and your family.”