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MOHW Reports Two Hundred Fifty Five New Cases of COVID-19

Tonight, there are an additional 255 cases of Covid-19 to report, along with six deaths. When you factor in the 186 recovered persons, the total number of active cases around the country stands at two thousand seven hundred and seventy-two. Among those active cases, fifty-one persons are hospitalized with twelve admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). As we reported yesterday, there is a new SI coming on stream which includes a 2-week extension of the curfew and the reopening of churches. The new regulations were highlighted today during the Up to the Minute stream from the Ministry of Health.

“The curfew remains from 9:00PM to 4:00AM. Restaurants, saloons, diners and other similar establishments are allowed to operate they may offer dining-in services by reservation only but for no more than fifty percent of the seating capacity and for fully vaccinated persons only. Restaurants that have proper ventilation or a restaurant that is an open air restaurant or an outdoor restaurant or an al fresco dining restaurant that is allowed to operate may offer dining in services by reservation only for no more than seventy five percent of its seating capacity with fully vaccinated persons only. Churches are allowed to open and to open with fifty percent seating capacity, fully vaccinated and observing all public health measures. Pastors are to be made responsible for the adherence to these public health measures and they can be fined for the first offence and closure on repeat offence. Casinos are to remain closed. Competitive sports are to be allowed with fully vaccinated persons only and this will commence or will come into effect on the twentieth of October 2021. BPOs are to operate at fifty percent of staff and with staff who are fully vaccinated. We have provided for penalties for owners of public transportation who violate public health measures including fines and cancellation of licenses. And the no movement Sundays have been lifted.

Now providing that the positivity rate improves and the indicator will be between five and ten percent come the first of November to the thirtieth of November the curfew will start at 10:00PM and end at 4:00AM. Churches will remain as stated before, casinos will be allowed to open at fifty percent capacity but only for fully vaccinated people – this is to be enforced by the proprietor and random checks by the COVID enforcement unit. Contact sports to return to fully vaccinated persons only. BPOs will operate at fifty percent with fully vaccinated persons and the restaurants will remain as before.”

In terms of vaccinations, some twenty-seven thousand and thirty-six people between ages 12 and 17 received at least one shot of the vaccine. In the adult population, two hundred and two thousand five hundred and seventeen Belizeans have gotten at least the first shot. The number of fully vaccinated people stands at one hundred fifty-seven thousand five hundred and seventy-two.