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MOHW Says Booster Shot is Available Five Months after Second Shot

As we reported yesterday, the Covid-19 Booster shots are now being administered countrywide. Just as the vaccine, the booster is being given out in phases. According to Dr Damaris Cruz of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, the booster shot can be taken at least five months after your second shot of the vaccine.

Dr.Damris Cruz, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “The Government of Belize had approved boosters for Belize. These are the three groups it is going to be rolled out in phases. These are the three groups that as of now qualify for the vaccine. These groups include healthcare workers, persons sixty years and older and persons with comorbidities and by comorbidities I mean any other condition that would affect their health namely hypertension, diabetes, any renal failure, persons with cancer and it is important to note that you need to have at least five months after your second dose to qualify for the booster. So if you are in any of these groups and you already have five months after your second dose you can visit the nearest vaccination site to be considered for your booster. The Ministry of Health will advise when other prioritized groups can receive their booster doses but as of today it’s only these groups. What the booster shot does is the booster shot gives your immune system – you already have developed immunity when you had the two doses of the vaccine and over time the studies are showing that that immunity the amount of antibodies that you have decreases over time. So what the booster shot is it promotes and encourages your immune system to increase that number of antibodies that you have so that in the event that you do come in contact with the virus your body is prepared with the most optimal amount of antibodies so that you can best fight off the infection.”

During the Up to the Minute broadcast on Tuesday, the panelists were asked whether additional booster shots will have to be administered down the road.

Dr.Damris Cruz, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “There are many studies ongoing. The need for a booster shot is dependent on studies that are ongoing, studies that have bene conducted and recommendations from  Belize and the COVID-19 Medical Response Team in Belize after analysis of available data at the time. As of now the data indicates that the studies are showing that there is the need for a booster shot as the efficacy has been shown to slightly decrease. The need for maybe a fourth or a regular shot would be later on defined it is not something that we can say this moment. As time progresses we will be able to see and new data emerges we will see what will be the trend but as for now the booster shots, the third dose or booster shot is available for the specific groups.”