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MOHW Says COVID Deaths of Fully Vaccinated Persons are Attributed to Underlying Conditions

While the number of new and active infections remain high, there are concerns that fully vaccinated people are dying from COVID-19. Indeed, there have been some of these cases, referred to as breakthrough cases, but for the most part, most individuals who lose their lives are unvaccinated. Doctors Julio Sabido and Damaris Cruz yesterday explained that most of the breakthrough cases are people who have underlying conditions.

Dr. Julio Sabido: “As we can see in the reports the people that are fully vaccinated and dying the majority have some comorbidities, some underlying illness and that is one of the reasons why we see the deaths in these vaccinated people.”

Dr.Damaris Cruz“And you have to take into consideration that these individuals are dying, there are many factors contributing. One is their age and  two is the numerous comorbidities that most of these individuals have. Those individuals that have contracted COVID-19 and have developed severe complications that have led to death in most instances we are able to see that they had numerous comorbidities which include the most common that we see in Belize which are hypertension, diabetes, obesity seems to be a very significant factor as well and also any other comorbidity that includes kidney disease, that includes cardiomyopathies. So there are other contributing factors that are also affecting these individuals and why we are seeing individuals that are fully vaccinated also dying.”