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MOHW Says Underlying Conditions Play a Major Role in Fatalities of Fully Vaccinated Person

The Ministry of Health and Wellness reports that active cases are now at two thousand seven hundred and ten. That’s in addition to the three hundred and twenty-one new cases reported today. Hospitalizations stand at fifty-five. Most of today’s cases reported are in the Belize District, with Belize City remaining the epicenter of the new infections. Deputy Director of Health Services, Frances Morey spoke today on the deaths of fully vaccinated persons and how underlying conditions play a major role in the fatalities.

Frances Morey, Deputy Director of Health Services:  “The concern going forward is that many of these rates that are being seen in these individuals per ten thousand population is that we maintain for the fully vaccinated a range of 1.2 within our current context. The death rate per ten thousand population is 4.1 hence signaling once again the need to continue the vaccination process across the country and we need to have the entire population vaccinated surpassing what we may think is herd immunity to which we know we had initially started this process by. The associated comorbidities that have been presented in those who are partially vaccinated continue to be the NCDs which has been not only in this scenario but the leading cause of death in the entire country of Belize historically and hence most of the persons affected by NCDs primarily diabetes, chronic renal failure, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity, cancer, HIV/AIDS are some of the most significant diseases that are contributing to the high mortality rate that we are seeing in our population. The concern is why are we seeing our vaccinated population being affected by an passing away by COVID ? COVID by itself is a phenomenon, it doesn’t spare any person, it produces a sever storm of cytokines, that means it di-sregulates your hormonal process and most of these individuals who have already a compromised immune system it actually triplicates and produces a debacle of hormones and other mechanisms within the body that cannot be regulated by these individuals because of the severity of the disease. The same scenario goes in regards to individuals who are being fully vaccinated where diabetes by itself which is considered a disease that suppresses the autoimmune system or the response, chronic renal failure being the second cause, high blood pressure, obesity, asthma and 20% of information not available whether because we don’t have a health seeking and also the information not being recorded in our health system. It must also be known that for example Belize has a profile and it has a profile of which only about 25% of our known diabetics are actually controlled meaning that we have persons out there who are not controlled metabolically and are not taking their medications and also with the advent of COVID there has been socioeconomic challenges to most of our households and families and also on a personal basis. High blood pressure itself can be triggered by the pandemic, we’ve been more than eighteen months into this scenario. The access to healthcare, drinking medications, being able to purchase these medications is also a concern and only about 11% of the entire persons in our entire hypertensive population in Belize are under control. This is something that is of concern for us going forward not only due to COVID but cause of the risk it poses for further deaths if these individuals are not controlled.”

In terms of vaccinations, close to twenty-seven thousand students between ages 12 and 17 have gotten their first shot. Some two hundred and one thousand Belizeans have gotten at least their first shot while almost one hundred fifty-four thousand are fully vaccinated.