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Monchi Cervantes reacts to life sentence of man, who killed his father

“Some comfort”: that’s what Minister of State, Ramon Cervantes Junior. says the life sentence given to Noe Gonzales Avila has provided his family. Gonzales Avila pleaded guilty to the murder of Minister Cervantes’ father, Ramon Senior, and received his fate in the court of Justice Herbert Lord on Monday. Minister Cervantes also called for the authorities to do more to catch Manuel Mendez Castillo, the alleged mastermind of the former Orange Walk Mayor’s murder. 

Ramon Cervantes, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration: “Nothing can change what happened and I think it’s as I said the best justice that our legal system in Belize can afford based on the parameters of the rules by which we’re governed, by which our judicial system is governed. So the guys admitted to it, they pleaded and our side accepted their plea so at least provides some comfort.”

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: There was a fourth person who was accused of orchestrating this crime and had pinned it on the person that was your former political opponent. That person has essentially vanished. Given all of what has happened has your family gotten closure with this ruling ? 

Ramon Cervantes, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration: “No. Like I said we have some comfort and that applies to the closure also. Some closure to some degree. That guy is still out there at large. Again I am asking, pleading to the police department, to the Commissioner of Police to whoever is in charge of INTERPOL to please step up on this and get him. He’s out there somewhere. It’s been eight year and at least the justice system moves but you know from INTERPOL we have not gotten even a grain of progress from them so I think that I again I’m asking that the Commissioner of Police please get on whoever is in charge of INTERPOL or the team that is in charge of INTERPOL and let’s get to this guy he can’t just vanish like that he’s somewhere out there but I don’t know if everything is being done by the police or the INTERPOL department in that case to ensure that he is caught.”

Gonzales Avila is eligible for parole after serving 18 years, while his accomplices, Angel Cardenas and Mateo Pott, both pled guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter and were sentenced to 21 years in jail, minus time served.