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Monies Owed to BSI Retirees

Our newsroom recently received the copy of a letter sent to Orange Walk South area representative, Jose Mai by Austin Waight, a retiree of BSI/ASR. Waight who worked at BSI for thirty years wrote on behalf of all BSI/ASR retirees. He says quote, “we were given a gratuity of four thousand dollars and a small monthly pension of around five hundred dollars. This pension is as a result of a private contributory scheme where weekly deductions were made from our earnings”, end of quote. However, in the letter Waight points out that quote, “payment for all our years of service was ignored”, end of quote. Waight is convinced that BSI/ASR owes all retirees their severance pay. Chairman of the Belize Workers Union Orange Walk Branch, Ramiro Gongora, spoke to Love News about the matter. .


The retirees are hoping that Mai, who has often brought up the plight of the farmers in the House of Representatives, would do so once again.