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Monima Resigns as Northern Regional Health Manager

Audibaldo Monima is perhaps the shortest serving Northern Regional Health Manager in the history of Belize’s public service as today he tendered his resignation.  Monima was awarded the position in May with the approval from the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin.  The appointment raised questions as to his qualifications for the position and with that came the reports on the media, the protest by activist, Patrick Menzies and the demands from the People’s United Party to rescind Monima’s contract.  The main point of concern was that Monima possessed only an Associate’s Degree and did not have the minimum requirements for the post of Regional Health Manager despite his Master’s Degree in Naval Command and his certificate from the Mexican Navy.  Monima was a member of the Belize Coast Guard prior to taking up this post in the Ministry of Health.  As luck would have it for him, the Security Services Commission is yet to review and approve his resignation letter from the Belize Coast Guard and so it is expected that he may return to the BCG.