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Monsignor RC School Valley of Peace facing Closure

Layoffs and closures hurt at any time of year but it is most painful at Christmas time which is an occasion that families need extra not less financial opportunities.  The Monsignor RC School Valley of Peace has an enrollment of 30 students. 20 students attend the morning session and 10 in the afternoon. Judith Melgar, the Principal of Monsignor RC School says the institution is facing financial issues because the Ministry of Education has not approved the salary for their teacher and they now face the possibility of permanent closure.

Judith Melgar, the Principal of Monsignor RC School: “Last year ,2017 ,we opened our preschool which is attached to our school with and under the recommendation of the personnel from the Ministry of Education because we had everything ready to open our school.We built our preschool with the assistance of international organizations, with the community, the school and we put in all our resources to make sure it was properly equipped and that it was properly built. We applied for our license two years ago and we still have not received any approval. Last year 2017 we opened our preschool as I stated and we were told that would get the license sometime throughout the year and that it was probable that our teacher would get her retroactive salary however that hasn’t happened, we continue to wait and despite us complying with all the requirements, having all the necessary support from the community and having students enrolled we still haven’t received any response as to why we haven’t received a license. That is from the Ministry of Education, a few months ago the Minister was on tour around the country in consultations with the community. Our Chairman brought that up to him and he told us that he would address the matter but I have been calling the Ministry of Education office and I have been told that there is no progress in the approval of the license and that we will be notified until it’s in writing.”

The school teacher has been working with a minimal stipend which is provided by the school.