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Mora speaks about future plans of the NTUCB

Marvin Mora is the new president of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB). Mora was elected as President at the 52nd Annual General Meeting of NTUCB held over the weekend in Corozal Town, where delegates from all ten Member Unions attended. Today, Love news caught up with the new president and learned about some of the pressing issues that the union will be addressing under his leadership.

Marvin Mora – President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize: “We do have some pressing issues that have taken prominence over the recent times that we have already identified within this AGM that we just had at the weekend- among which are the occupational health and safety bill that we still have pending. We are dealing with the question of the ICJ as well so it’s something that we will have to revisit, we will have to do some more ground work and more consultation with our membership.”

Over four years ago, the Occupational Safety and Health bill was introduced in the National House of Representative, but was not passed into law. Mora said that the union hopes to work on the bill with the aim of getting it past in the House.

Marvin Mora – President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize: “One of the major hold ups that we have would be having the conversation directly with the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry which has not materialized so we have already made some movement to be able to get that on the road but it has not happened as yet so that is next and after that then I guess we will do some advocacy and more than likely we would have to be able to mount some sort of campaign to come to the stage where we have that bill reintroduce to the house.”

Mora has served previously as the President of the NTUCB, he said this time around he hopes to build the rapport between the different union leaders who form the NTUCB in order to improve the functionality of the congress.