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Morales Says Shooter Is Being Dubbed Hero Instead of Facing Punishment

As we told you yesterday, the Office of the Prime Minister had issued a response rejecting the statement made by President Morales whilst referring to it as inflammatory.  According to Prensa Libre newspaper in Guatemala, the Ministry of Exterior Relations of Guatemala has responded to Belize’s Prime Minister also rejecting Barrow’s details of the incident.  The release in translation, reads, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minex), rejected a statement released Friday that the defense forces of Belize have only responded against Guatemalans in self-defense and added that since 1999, there have been ten 10 dead Guatemalans at the hands of Belizean soldiers. The document went on to say that the Belizean government’s version, released Thursday, spoke of Belize Defense Force only defended an attack by Guatemalan Wednesday thus exonerating soldiers of the death of the 13-year-old child.  It went on to read, quote, “The Government of Guatemala deplores and rejects categorically the content of the press release issued by the Government of Belize on the afternoon of April 21.  The Minex also notes that the Government of Belize instead of investigating what happened and punish those responsible for having fired their weapons, rather, has honored them as heroes.”  End of quote.