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More Arrests in Honorary Consul’s Home Invasion

Three more persons have been arrested in connection with the aggravated burglary that occurred at the home of Honorary Consul General for Lebanon to Belize, 77-year-old, SarkisAbou- Nehra on Thursday December 3. It happened just outside of Burrell Boom Village on the Bermudian landing road. Ladyville Police launched an intensive investigation which led to the arrest and charging of nine persons. Today, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster called a press briefing in which he revealed that three more persons have been arrested as a result of a sting operation carried out in the area.


Since we last met we made a number of arrests which resulted from some searches that were conducted in the Belize City area. We executed searches on #88 Cemetery Road, we executed search warrants on the premises at #119 Police street in Belize City. We also executed searches on #8272 Jones Street, we executed on #8089 Miller Street as well as #8279 Miller Street. We executed a search at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Jane Usher and we also executed searches at #391 Mayflower Crescent, Lake Gardens area in the Ladyville area. As a result of those searches we have charged Jerry Buller, 20 years old to abetment to commit aggravated burglary. We’ve also charged 18 year old Mark Pitts for handling stolen goods and we’ve also charged Paul Jex for handling stolen goods. Late yesterday we had some other developments where we recovered some more stolen items and other charges will be laid on some other individuals sometime during the day today. Nevertheless we have recovered an assortment of liquor, we recovered two rings that were identified by the Consular’s wife, a necklace, we recovered the DVR that was stolen from that premises; it is in good shape and is assisting us tremendously. That DVR has the footage of the burglary when it was transpiring. As a matter of fact the burglar thought that they disconnected the DVR and realized it was not the DVR that they had in their possession and then they went and disconnected the DVR and they stole it, never the less we recovered it and we have already taken the evidence off it. We also recovered a 46 inch television. We will have more charges on more individuals as it pertains to this investigation.”

Twenty year old Jeffrey Buller, 18 year old Malik Pitts and 20 year old Paul Jex Jr  were denied bail and they were remanded into custody until January 14, 2016.  According to Broaster, Sarkis Abou- Nehra and his family were target because they live in a remote area. However, they have devised a personal protection program that would assist the residents of rural Belize.


“As it pertains to security I want to mention to the public especially of the rural eastern division that if you have not received a memo under your door from the police in that division and you are not at home during work hours please contact us at 601 3000 or 620 8080 through Whatsapp or you can call us directly and we will ensure that our police officers visit your area and conduct patrols in the area. Personal protection program that we will be implementing is a technical program that will enable the community to send us an SOS and we will be able to call them and if we do not get a response from them then we will put action into motion to ensure that they are safe and secure and as well if they do answer we will arrange certain things between them that we will know if they are under duress or not.”

Police also managed recover a flat screen television and the stolen jewellery. However, the firearms have not been recovered.  A child was at the house when the thieves barged in. The child was held hostage but not injured.