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More border expeditions planned

Like Wil Maheia, Giovanni de la Fuente will continue to lead expeditions to different border points. De la Fuente is more focused on educating people about the different border markers. Volunteers had travelled to the Gracias Adios border marking in March and had installed a plaque with the name “Belize” on it. However, days after, the plaque was removed and so De La Fuente says that a trip to Gracias Adios is a must.

 Giovanni de la Fuente – NTV

“The NTV would love to make the next trip a trip to the Gracias a Dios area because as you well know in February the 27th we installed a plaque on that monument and the plaque has been stolen and removed and we informed the Prime Minister that that plaque needs to be replaced but it is not an easy feat. First of all nobody supports this group monetarily. The first thing we need to do is raise funds and get another plaque and these plaques cost over $1,000 so if you find somebody that is willing to donate another plaque immediately that will speed us up on returning on that area but to return to that area we need several thousand dollars. To start with we need a plaque, we need boats and different things so let us know that the Northern Territorial Volunteers is interested in returning to install another plaque on that monument.”