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More controversy at Saint Francis Xavier after several employees were suspended

Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union is back in the news again. This time, it’s because several of its employees walked out of work this morning. The walkout comes in the wake of at least nine employees, who’ve been suspended. Their letters, which Love News has obtained, say (quote) “The board of directors is presently to undergo a special exercise to examine certain unethical behaviors within the organization’s administrative operations with purpose to examine and correct such fundamental deficiencies [which] can potentially not only damage the reputation of the institution but which can also jeopardize operational ethical standards…” to a level detrimental to the interest and commitment of the SFXCU responsibility to its members. The letters, dated June 27, tell them that they are suspended until further notice. A release, issued by the credit union a day after those letters, says that numerous complaints were registered from members of the SFXCU, who vented their frustrations and disgust for the ill services and mal treatment at the point of visitations to the respective branches. Love News spoke with a member of the credit union, Christian Loza, who says that while Rafael Dominquez was recently reinstated as the General manager, what’s happening now is not supported by the entire membership.  

Voice of Christian Loza, Member of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union: “I’m a member of the SFXCU right and we saw this problem coming along between the two different managements of course and we formed a third option to represent, you know, an independent from the infighting that was going on at the AGM, which of course, we were not victorious but the four that were there previously was reinstated. But, we didn’t expect victimization of the staff to this level because the staff did not show any support to any of the three groups. So, it’s very unjust and that’s why we are standing up with the staff members and actually, this is an initiative from the staff because they are not comfortable right now due to pressure. Right? They feel that any minute their letter can be sent to them at this point. We came in there with that. We gave them a fresh. Like, the people on our slate were all people that have never been on the board so we wanted to ensure that people had that option and we still got some support, minimal of course in terms of the numbers that Dominguez and his crowd got but you have to see also the bigger picture. We have 30,000 accounts at SFXCU. 2000 of those were assured up to the AGM and only about 13 or 1400 stayed to vote and Dominguez got about 850. It’s one of those things where, yes, they legitimately won all the positions that they ran for. Excuse me, I’m a little under the weather. But, 850 members or so, maybe a little more voted for his crowd, which is fine, but we cannot say that this is what all the membership wants because me as a member of the SFXCU, I would not want to see the workers being treated this way because, like I said, they stayed out of it. They completely did not get involved in the election. They worked to be on the elections as whatever role they played in the AGM.” 

According to Loza, the allegations levelled against the suspended employees are untrue. 

Voice of Christian Loza, Member of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union: “You know allegedly, allegedly, you know, there were campaign promises. There were stuff that was said, you know, again, there’s no proof of that, it’s just alleged. It’s just observation that there was talk about a clean sweep either or, of the two that won, the two that were fighting, infighting groups, that there was going to be a clean sweep because they expect the workers to side with one or the other group and the workers were saying no, we don’t want to side with anyone. We just want to do our job and we serve all members, right? So what happened was that Domignuez and his crowd feels like these workers did not support them and so they’re trying to start and victimize them and these are the things that are totally wrong. I mean this isn’t the reason you got elected. They got elected to serve all of us including myself.”

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: Okay so, I’m looking at the statement that the credit union had released in context of the inter-departmental suspensions and they’re basing these suspensions on what they describe as a review of numerous allegations by members of the credit union. What do you think those allegations? What are those allegations they’re referring to? 

Voice of Christian Loza, Member of St. Francis Xavier Credit Union: “Well they were saying that some staff were leaking out information but if you notice, just before the AGM the old Board had dismissed or terminated about three managers or two managers because they were released, they were accused of releasing information from the database and these people have been reinstated. So, if that is their rationale then what is good for those two or three members, staff members, should be, basically should be a pardon for everyone because there was leak from all sides but they are just allegations of course. But that’s basically what we understand. That people that have proven, that said that they have been proven leaking information have been reinstated and now they’re accusing about 14 or 15 of them and from talking to the workers this morning at the Central Park, they said that they feel that others will be victimized also. That’s why we have, apart from the 15 we have a whole bunch of them from the Corozal Town majority of the Corozal Town branch are standing in solidarity with their fellow colleagues now.”