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More Details on BDF Caught with Undocumented Migrants

Last week, Love News broke the story that a BDF soldier had been detained after he was caught transporting thirteen undocumented migrants in a Toyota 4 Runner. On June ten, the vehicle was intercepted at a checkpoint in Bullet Tree Falls Village. Inside the car was the soldier who was behind the wheel and thirteen persons who could not produce proper documentation. It was later learned that the BDF soldier was transporting 4 male adults, 3 female adults, and 6 children- all from Ecuador. Tonight, the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security, Oscar Mira, says the interception was successful because of information investigators had gathered. And while that BDF soldier stands accused of human smuggling, Mira says there are “bigger fishes” at play. 

Oscar Mira, Minister of State, Ministry of National Defence and Border Security: “Indeed a BDF was driving that vehicle. That investigation is continuing. There are other areas that they’re looking at. Unfortunately it’s not something that we like to report on but it is the reality. For some reason I think that the security forces in the past have been coerced to cooperate with these individuals. For the BDF it is zero tolerance on that. The investigation is happening, there will be an internal investigation apart from the police investigation into human trafficking. I think he has already been placed on leave awaiting trial internally for many disciplinary actions that will be taken against him. We will not tolerate the Belize Defence Force or any of our security forces to be part of this ring that is bringing in illegal immigrants into Belize. It’s unfortunate, this is not what the Belize Defence Force is and we will not let one individual tarnish the egood name of the Belize Defence Force. We have been following information and we have been doing our operations based on intelligence it wasn’t just a checkpoint. The operation was set for weeks before and it didn’t happen because the intelligence suggested that the person would not be crossing so we waited until the information was accurate and the intelligence was accurate to do the checkpoint. As I said these are individuals who come from our communities, they are soldiers who come from the same villages and towns and cities tha we come from so it is unfortunate that this happened. As I said we will still continue with our investigations. If there are any more individuals involved the investigations will unearth this nad we want to make sure that we get ot the bottom fo who is responsible because this person was just a drive.”