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More details surface on the bullying and abuse of Ulyseas Roca

25-year-old Ulyseas Roca died this past weekend of multiple organ failure.  The results of the post mortem left more questions and answers.

25-year-old Ulyseas Roca died this past weekend of multiple organ failure.  The results of the post mortem left more questions and answers.  Love News was hoping to get some answers and sought an interview with the Pathologist, Dr. Mario Estradabran but his office administrator explained that it would cost us five hundred dollars.  It isn’t an avenue we have completely foregone but perhaps what is a bigger piece of the puzzle, in this case, is the constant abuse and neglect, Roca experienced not only by strangers but by his very own family members.   We will get to that part later.  First, we bring you an update on what the Police Commissioner has unraveled so far in the investigation of the abuse allegedly by police officers whilst Roca was detained on April 5.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: First and foremost as I’ve said in previous interview that Ulysease’s encounter with the police was on April 5th when he was charged for breaching the curfew regulations. Now we have looked at the surveillance video at the Raccoon Street Police Station which we knew would provide some guidance to us in terms of what may have occurred with him after he came to police custody. The surveillance video from within the police station and the cell block showed the police encounter with him and at no time during his stay at the police station was he ever beaten by the police, that was revealed by the video footage. The police officer in question that he named in terms of who beat him, that police officer isn’t even a part of the state of emergency operation and was not even working on that night in question or any at all around that time and he was never at the police station. Now as I’ve said before the main issue for us here is the issue surrounding the video that was recorded in the police station by a police officer and that video subsequently ended up on social media. Behaviors like those by police officers cannot be countenanced and as such the investigation have yield that it was Police Constable Chris Staine who had recorded the video and how it ended up on social media that’s a different story but he was the one who actually recorded the video. PC Staine is currently being dealt with by Professional Standards Branch and should be charged internally for an act of prejudice to good order and discipline and will appear before a tribunal tomorrow in respect to that matter.”

Yesterday our newsroom got a copy of a video that Roca recorded.   In this video, Roca is sitting on a platform of sorts and in the background is a family member cursing and denying Roca a place to stay under the State of Emergency regulations.  A woman in the background can clearly be heard saying that she will not allow Roca’s presence there to oppress her as the Government is already oppressing her enough.  The recording goes on for almost four minutes with many expletives from that relative.  The Police Commissioner spoke on what they have uncovered as it relates to the treatment Roca received at home.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: It makes me wonder if in fact he had any relative who cared about it him because condition under which he lived was surely not one that human beings should be living under and during our investigation we came across a video with his family members cursing him, telling him that they’re not going to hell with him, telling him that they don’t want to see him around and that he should leave their home and for all they care he can go into a hole and just die. I don’t see how I could say such words to a person that is supposed to be my brother or my sister, it is sad and these are the same people now who are crying foul in the media pretending to have cared about Mr.Ulesease. As a matter of fact I got complaints from police officers in Ladyville that one night recently Ulysease showed up at the Ladyville Police Station and he told the police that his family members in Belize City had beaten him and chased him away and he walked to Ladyville Police Station and he asked the officers there if he could have spent the night there and go on to Willows Bank the other morning and the officers allowed him to stay at Ladyville Police Station because of the fact that his family had according to the officer beaten him and chased him away. That’s not how you treat a human being. Of course yes it is a factor. Even like I said in terms of what the officers from Ladyville reported that he had gone there one night recently and said that his family members had beaten him and chased him that is being looked into as well it must be a factor in the investigation.”

Roca was an HIV patient and his multiple organ failure, according to one source, may have been a result of his viral load.  Love News is following this story.