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More emphasis to be placed on ITVET’s curriculum

Technical and vocational institutions, including the ITVETS in Belize, need to improve its curriculum. According to the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, they have engaged with several stakeholders who have told government that the quality of the instruction in the ITVETS and other vocational and technical institutions in the country don’t meet high standards. He explained in an interview on Wednesday at the closing ceremony of the PUC’s plumbing code training.


Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“That’s a major issue and so when you see an initiative like this being championed by the Ministry it is in response to that constant plea for higher quality. I mentioned the Santander case because some time ago they wanted welders and they wanted these welders to be of a certain level so when the Ministry of Labor was approached for work permits to import welders well the Ministry of Labor people asked why they couldn’t employ local students who have gone through ITVET and who are certified the response was that they are not trained at that level. So subsequent to that we sought what was needed and we had a course Fabrigas helped us with that to raise the standard of offerings at our ITVET and vocational institutions and what you see with the plumbing is another initiative to move along in that direction.”

Minister Faber encourages the community to give trainees the necessary support especially after they have been certified.


Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“People must be committed to ensuring that they hire our people once we get to that level where they are trained and trained properly to that level. We have the tendency in Belize to try to find the cheapest labor and the cheapest labor quite often is not the best labor and we end up having to have to duplicate our efforts and our spending so I challenge both the private and public sector that engage our people for employment in this regard and I challenge our institutions to try to continue to raise the bar to meet the needs of the employment force out there.”

As part of the efforts to improve the curriculum at these institutions, Government supported the Public Utilities Commission’s training on the plumbing code with sixteen participants including ITVET teachers and field supervisors of the Belize Water Services Limited.