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More Land Flipping Uncovered Involving Vega’s Relative

In November 2013, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, described the Lands Department as a hotbed of corruption and he was right. Several scandals have broken out of that department and the most recent is the one involving the son of former Minister Gaspar Vega, Andre Vega. That scandal led Vega to resign from the Cabinet and tonight we can tell you that more documents have surfaced and this latest revelation has to do with one Dean Williams. Documents show that Williams received a lease certificate in 2009 for 2.82 acres of land on Spider Caye which is east of Placencia in southern Belize. Fast forward to August 6, 2012 which is when he paid ten thousand nine hundred and ninety eight dollars for that piece of land. However, on August 2, 2012; just four days before he purchased the piece of land- an agreement was made with a foreigner to buy the same piece of land for four hundred thousand dollars. In that agreement, the foreigner had accepted to pay one hundred sixty thousand dollars as a deposit within one week. Out of that, sixteen thousand dollars would go to the Government of Belize and the remaining one hundred and forty four thousand dollars would go to Williams. Attached to the agreement was a document in which Williams asked the buyer to make the first payment go to Eduardo Vega, the nephew of Gaspar Vega. The first payment would be in the form of 8 cheques of eighteen thousand dollars each.  It is to be noted that during this entire transaction, Vega was the Minister of Natural Resources.  It is a post he held up until November 2015 when he was moved to the Ministry of Agriculture; ten months later he resigned as a Cabinet Minister.