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More letters! COMPOL says Trapp will be charged with assault

Another case of pen pals we’ve been following is the back-and-forth between Police Commissioner Chester Williams and attorney-at-law Orson “OJ” Elrington. Elrington is the attorney on record for Police Constable Alicia Trapp, the officer who accused Minister Julius Espat of assaulting her during the village council elections in Teakettle on June 5. Elrington wrote two letters to the commissioner on June 7. One of those letters says that Commissioner Williams’s comments on the media seem to suggest that the Police Department may attempt to breach Trapp’s constitutional rights to freedoms of expression, association and political opinion. The second letter demanded a status update on court action after Trapp filed a report to the police in Roaring Creek and she requested court action. After six days, the COMPOL responded not only using words but pictures. The letter says that the investigator, in this case, has quote  “…recorded a number of statements from eyewitnesses, who do not support the version of events as outlined by your client in her statement. In fact, the statements  from the witnesses are suggesting that it was your client who was the aggressor pointing her hands in the face of Hon. Espat. The assertions of these witnesses are supported by a number of photographs depicting her actions” Unquote. The Commissioner also said quote “There is no iota of evidence to suggest that your client was assaulted by Hon. Espat. It is therefore clear that the only assault committed was upon Hon. Espat by your client” Unquote. Given this, the Commissioner says that PC Trapp is to be arrested and charged for the crime of common assault committed upon Minister Espat. We asked Elrington for a comment on the COMPOL’s position and he told us via WhatsApp quote “We file our civil suit for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment as well as our constitutional claim for violation of her constitutional rights” adding, quote “And we’ll, defend any frivolous claim brought by the state or any individual” Unquote. He also told us that they can pursue a civil suit for assault. Elrington also told us that quote “I have never seen a Commissioner personally write back to respond to the status of an investigation and act as the pseudo attorney for the person that is the accused”. He went on to say quote “This is deeply troubling for our democracy when persons are subject to criminal prosecution because of their political opinions.” He ended by calling it a sad day for Belize.