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More rain expected tonight, Friday and into the weekend

While forecasters monitor how the system near the ABC Islands will shape the forecast into next week, in the immediate short-term, you will need your umbrellas, raincoats and Wellington boots. That’s because the country will experience wet weather, much like how today started. Chief Meteorologist Ronald Gordon says those showers will come as early as Friday morning and will likely continue into the weekend. 

Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist: “We did have some showers overnight starting in the south and those eventually made to the central and other parts of the country this morning. Conditions are clearing up now and however we expect another or a few more showers to develop along, mostly along coastal parts of the country tonight into tomorrow morning and then on Friday night, we are going to see heavier activity kind of similar to what we had last night. That’s what we’re seeing. Typically the pattern is that we’re going to be having these showers mostly at night time into early morning and then by the afternoon hours you’re going to see more sunshine and clearer skies. So that’s the pattern that we expect going into the weekend. The system that we are talking about in terms of the tropical system is nowhere near us to be impacting our weather at the moment. If it does impact our weather, it will do so around Tuesday of next week and so the timeline for that system to be near us to have any sort of impact will be around Tuesday and I must repeat, we do not know what that impact will be at the moment. It all depends on how close it comes to us.”