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More Rains in store for Belize

Earlier this week, the country received torrential rains which cause flooding in various parts and disrupted classes. More rains are expected over the weekend as NEMO and the National Met Service are monitoring Tropical Storm SELMA in the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean. SELMA is expected to threaten parts of Central America including El Salvador and Guatemala with deadly flash floods by Saturday. While the warm Pacific Ocean may allow SELMA to become somewhat stronger, its short time over these waters is expected to prevent fast intensification. Flooding, rain, and mudslides are likely to threaten lives and property in parts of Central America, regardless of SELMA’s strength. Moreover, moisture ahead of this system will cause our weather to become moist and unstable giving way to an increase in showers over most areas but more so over central and southern Belize. As much as 4-8 inches of rain is expected over El Salvador and eastern Guatemala, of which some could affect central and southern Belize. There is another development over the northwestern Caribbean Sea; however, at this time the area of low pressure (93L) does not pose a threat to Belize since most of the heavy winds and rains are on the eastern side of the system, over the sea.  According to the National Met Service, at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, this system developed. The Area of Low Pressure (93L) is currently located east of Belize near 17.5 North Latitude and 84.5 West Longitude. It seemingly can develop into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours. Conditions are expected to be favourable, and a tropical depression or tropical storm is likely to form later today or Saturday as the system moves northward over the northwestern Caribbean Sea before turning northeastward by late Saturday. It is presently moving slowly northward towards Jamaica and Cuba and is forecasted to continue track towards the Bahamas over the weekend.