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More Street-Works to Come

The Belize City Council has done a lot in the way of infrastructure to improve the flow of traffic and to help with the ambiance of the City. Today, Mayor Darrell Bradley held a press brief to announce that the Council has signed a contract for more street works to be done.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“The City Council recently signed a contract to do a series of street works in Belize City. We just want to make the point that we are continuing the concrete work of course with the Municipal Bond that allowed us to do a significant amount of street infrastructure; about a hundred and sixty concrete roads. We don’t have a municipal bond at this moment to the point where we’re saying we can do twenty million dollar worth of streets but the City Council is continuing to do street improvements and we signed a contract to do nine streets in Belize City to the tune of two point six million dollars and these streets include finishing West Canal and East Canal, completing Eyre Street, Chancellor Avenue, Racoon Street, Ebony Street, Gibnut Street, Third Street and Allan Pitts Cresent. One of the ways we were able to source the funding for doing this, we are actually getting a suppliers credit that the person who will be doing these streets will be doing them through RJB Construction; they are actually going to upfront the monies and we are going to pay them off over a three year period.”

R J B Construction will construct the streets to a tune of two point six million dollars and the Belize City Council will pay for the work done on the streets over a three year period.