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Mortician Contracts COVID-19 In the Line of Duty

A mortician has reported that he contracted the COVID-19 virus; not from a living human, but rather from a cadaver.

A mortician has reported that he contracted the COVID-19 virus; not from a living human, but rather from a cadaver.  61-year-old Stanley Lizama has been a mortician for the past twenty-eight years, but 2020 brought on some changes to his operating procedures. According to Lizama, last September he had handled a body from rural Belize.  Four days later he was contacted by the Ministry of Health with bad news. Lizama was present at Dame Minita’s funeral today and spoke to us about his experience.

Stanley Lizama, Mortician

Stanley Lizama, Mortician: “I dealt with a body from Biscayne and that’s how I caught the COVID. Yes. I caught the covid. I dealt with the body normal, a normal job and the fourth day that the body was supposed to go to the cemetery a call came from upstairs at the hospital that said that the person had covid that’s how I caught covid.”

Reporter: You’re certain that is how you caught it ? 

Stanley Lizama, Mortician: “That’s how I caught it because I was.”

Reporter: You’d have treated the body differently if you had known that it was.

Stanley Lizama, Mortician: “Yup and that was around September that’s when the covid was just getting in Belize a lot and people told me to sue the hospital but I don’t do that. “

Reporter: And since after that —

Stanley Lizama, Mortician: “You learn from your mistakes and the health department came to my house, took me to the health department- you see those two houses behind the health department I was the first one to go in one of those houses. They treated me nice, they fed me and everything but one thing was not in the house you can’t drink anything cold, no refrigerator so you have to drink everything warm. I caught double pneumonia two years ago. That’s when the carnival people came out for me and the whole of Belize came out I have to say thanks again. I caught pneumonia when they tested me for the covid they found out that my lungs – because the pneumonia left you with a spot on your lungs so everybody said Mr.Lizama one of your lungs is not working well so I have half a lung right now but I’m still here 61 going strong. My symptoms, like how I’m talking to you I’d just fall asleep like what you call ‘dropsy’ that was my symptom I didn’t have any cough, no pain, no type of fever.”

Reporter: Tiredness ?

Stanley Lizama, Mortician: “Yes, just fall asleep, when I’m talking to you I’m gone.”

Lizama has since been documented as a recovered case.