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Moses Sulph says lesson learned after losing case

Today Sulph told the media that he was not even aware that the ruling had been passed. However, Sulph admitted, the case has taught him much.

Moses Sulph: “I was never informed about a day of judgment or anything of that sort and according to my Lawyer he was never informed either or I would have been there. I was constantly asking a couple times when the judgment would be read or when will be the time to hear the judgment and there was no information of the sort given to us however I would want to say that I am very disappointed in the outcome of the matter since it is not a case totally versus Moses Sulph because to be frankly honest I never worked for Mr. King so as an activist in the community people came to me and shared certain classified things that they are facing and those things that were shared to me that I posted was trying to get those people justice however three of the witnesses did come forth. There were eight who signed witnesses statement however only three mysteriously showed up at trail however those three witnesses made it very clear that indeed the allegation that I had made they actually faced those allegations. There is a little complication in them proving beyond just their verbality because the workers never got pay slips so they could never bring a pay slip so when they were asked to provide a pay slip they could not. It would be unwise for me to say no. Firstly 99% of my post I posted about my experience. This post is about other people’s experience so therefore I will be certain not to post things by word of mouth or if people tell me that they are going through it without some tangible evidence. Without me having that tangible evidence I will not be posting anything because at the end of the day when there is a trail and people don’t show up I cannot be held responsible when I don’t have those sorts of money anyway so I am disappointed that most of the witnesses did not show up yes indeed but I think the three that showed up said that same thing that the other six would have said anyway. It is a lesson learned in some aspect that you cannot expect justice always and you are going to in the road of activism are going to lose some, you are going  to win some however I am not convinced at this time that the matter is over because as I said before if there ground for appeal we will be appealing and if not then I will have to find a way to pay for the ruling against me.

Hipolito Novelo: “ That is a lot of money, where will you get the ruling from?

Moses Sulph: “$40,000 Belizean actually because there is $10,000 for legal fees which is also a very huge amount in compared to other cases in Belize that were liable so I don’t know where I will get the money but since I think I have been a public person I will definitely be going to the public if it comes down to that to go and fund this or something because I am not going to stop being and activist. I am always going to speak out against injustice however I will be a little more prudent in making sure I have tangible evidence so that I can speak.

Hipolito Novelo: “ Do you believe your reputation has been tainted because of this.

Moses Sulph: “No I don’t believe my reputation has been tainted at all and it is not me being arrogant here so I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that in no way that I have ever done anything to jeopardize my reputation however I have been blamed and I am found guilty in this case which in the Court of Law which doesn’t mean that you are guilty or not guilty if  you cannot provide evidences of what is necessary. I will not apologize because as I said before if you feel you have done something wrong then I would definitely apologize but at this time the information I had from the workers and continue to get the information from the workers I will not apologize because I would definitely be saying that. It would have been easy for me to apologize in the beginning if this was not so and even if the request from their lawyer was only to apologize and take down the post I would have consulted with other people and see what they say but it was at that time for me to also pay $13,000 and there is no way I could have done that and I learned my lesson that I must be more prudent.

Hipolito Novelo: “ Do you regret making the post?

Moses Sulph: ‘No because  I think that even though that I may have lost in the Court of Law I did win amongst the heart of the poor people who are being oppressed who feel like they are being oppressed. It is also that many of these workers have taken steps and taken pictures of their checks and different things to kind of show that should this arise that they have some form of evidence.

Sulph has 21 days after the ruling to appeal the ruling which awards King $20,000 for general damages, $10,000 aggravated damages and $10,000 legal costs.