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Mother and Child Perish in a Case of Arson

And, moving to an even more cruel attack in western Belize …. a mother and her son were killed on Friday night in their home in Saint Matthews Village, Cayo District. The man investigators believe committed the double murder is thirty-year-old Wilbert Demas Mendez. He has been charged with two counts of murder and one count of arson. He is the ex-common-law of thirty-six-year-old Kendra Middleton whose charred remains were found inside the house. Also found was the burnt body of her three year old son Aiden Perez. It’s a tragedy that shocked the nation, leaving many to wonder what would drive someone to commit such a heinous crime. Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo reports.

Friday’s murder of Kendra Middleton and her son sent shockwaves throughout the country as the public gasp in disbelief. As investigators stated, several reports were made to the police against accused murder Wilbert Demas Mendez who, according to Middleton’s family, was very abusive. There is a call for the strengthening of legal framework that aims to protect women and children. President of the NTUCB Luis Martinez says the legislation needs to be revisited and fully enforced.

Luis Martinez, President, NTUCB:  “The National Trade Union Congress is extremely saddened by the situation and this situation brings us back to where we started in terms of the good governance and definitely the strengthening of the legal framework which seeks to protect women and children that has to be revisited. We cannot continue to sit aside and allow our women to be killed and our children to be killed. We’d also want to take it a bit farther in terms of see what we could do to assist these I can’t even refer to them as men but we have to find a way to reach out to them and try to destabilize these types of actions. But it really pains us to know that we are celebrating mother’s day this weekend and it’s becoming a trend in Belize that every year around mother’s day a mother dies at the hands of some worthless and men  I can’t find the adjective to describe these types of action . We are saddened by the action and we are calling it out, we are open to the government of Belize and the relevant stakeholders to come to the table and see how we could strengthen the legal framework and bring these types of actions to justice.”