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Mother blames Corozal Hospital for the death of her baby

Leah Miller is in mourning tonight as she recently lost her baby boy and the family is blaming the Corozal Hospital.  The 11-week-old baby was with diarrhea and had been vomiting excessively and was taken to the hospital on New Year’s Eve to seek medical attention.  She was not attended to; instead, she was referred to the clinic and as such, she had to wait for two hours to see the doctor.  Love News spoke with Miller.

Leah Miller – Mother: “We took him to the Hospital around 6:30 and I went into the emergency with him. I told the nurse that was sitting in there behind the counter that I brought my baby because she had diarrhea and vomiting. She said right now the baby doesn’t have any doctor to attend to her and that we would have to go across to the clinic to see a Doctor over on that side. A quarter to nine was when they called the number 12, the nurse checked my number and told me go outside and that the Doctor will call you in a while. Fifteen minutes after that the Doctor took me with him to the observation room where he told the nurse to put in the drips and then she said that she could not find a vein on him so she told me to wait here and that she was going to see the Doctor because this baby doesn’t look good. She went to get doctor and the doctor came out and he went ahead of us and when she went over we talked to a nurse and fifteen minutes later a nurse came in and took him from me and carried him into the trauma room and like half hour later the doctor came out and told me that the baby passed away.”

Miller is currently seeking legal recourse.