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Mother continues search for missing son Jamal Humes

It is almost a month since 28-year-old Jamal Humes went missing. He was last seen on the night of December 20 when he left to assist someone who was experiencing vehicular problems. To date, no one has been able to say who that mysterious person was.  Humes’ family has not seen or heard from him since. His mother Sharlene Nicholas, and several other family members and friends, have been searching for him. They have followed every lead that they have come across but still, they have been unable to find Humes dead or alive. At one point, the family suspected that his disappearance had to do with a murder case that is scheduled to be heard this month. Today, the family says they have unearthed other evidence that shows Humes may have been targeted for completely different reasons. Nicholas shared these updates in a press conference held today by activist Jose Espat.

Sharlene Nicholas – Mother of Jamal Humes

“He was extremely afraid of his boss. Why my son was extremely afraid of his boss I’m not sure however when we started getting that information and more tips pertaining to that we followed that lead all the way to Corozal, start in Orange Walk asking questions which led us to a village in Corozal there just before you reach Corozal which is San Joaquin. We went and we started investigating until we were led directly to Aaron Usher’s house. When we got there and he saw us it looked like he saw a ghost or wanted to pass out. My son went there to work. It was a job that was assumed to be paid a good amount of money. My son only stayed with those people for three days. I am now under the assumption that my son has seen or witnessed or heard or seen something that got him now here where he is at and also I believe the reason why we have been turned around with BTL is because I am under the understanding that today is the last day its possible where anything can be retrieved from that phone because my son has been missing a month now and I understand that it is a month it takes where they could retrieve the information or store that information at BTL. So what is what we are requesting to BTL, the police to move forward to please because I know it can be done.”