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Mother devastated because the system failed her

7-year-old Tyler Savery was gunned down in November 2016 and any hopes of seeing his perpetrator brought to justice was shattered yesterday when 21-year-old, Jayear Flores walked free from a double murder charge for the murder of Tyler and Porshan Pipersburgh. Tyler was Shakera Young’s only child and today she told the media that she feels that the system has failed her.

Shakera Young – Lost Son to Gun Violence: “On the Doc we had a police officer who testified that he interviewed the accused on November 14th. He was there asking about the I.D. Parade, of course we know that the accuser could either accept or decline to do an Identification Parade. On the Doc he said that and he admitted that I did not record the statement until it was January 16th, 2017 and he saw the accused on November 14th. We are looking at a two month span where things could have been forgotten, things could have gone missing, stuff like that maybe you know certain conversations and dialogue could have been forgotten. That was very discouraging to me because I said this is my son and my only child, isn’t this something that is important to you and when he was later asked a question of “did you ask any of your officers below you or the officer in charge? Anything regarding to the case or what was the possible statements that were admitted? Who was the other witnesses and stuff? He was like no I did not with a blank face and I was like could you put yourself in the parent shoes to think that what if this was your child, wouldn’t you want some sense of urgency to be placed on your child’s case. I sat there and my heart sank because I said God what is happening to our people and so it showed me that one there was a negligence on the Departments part. I know from personal experience where I had to be asking if there were updates on the case and this was within three to six months, there after I had nothing. It was something for me where like I said I was disheartened by it and based on the presentation from the crown I felt a bit discouraged because the person to me did not review the case file. The judge was there saying that is not in the file and that you did not review your case file because if you would have I wouldn’t have to have been here telling you or guiding you through this case.”

Young says that she will not be consumed by grief from losing her son, but instead will use her experience to help other mothers learn how to cope with losing a child to gun violence.

Shakera Young – Lost Son to Gun Violence: “As of recent I have decided to launch with the grace of God, I have decided to launch a support group. The name is Beauty for Ashes, I decided to name it that because one it is scriptural and two that is what I truly want to see for the women of Belize: us the women who have lost our children, the women who have lost our loved ones to gun violence that we make something beautiful out of the ashes that we have been given. We are our lowest, you are at your lowest not having your child ever coming home again and I can recall telling somebody my son has left and he hasn’t come back for two and a half years. When I said that to the person the person was left blank because there was possibly no response that the person could have given me to say it is going to be okay. The group that we are doing right now, it will start off  as an online group so we have already gotten people on board from the through the Light our Hearts Rally that we had in March. For Mothers Day I am hoping to meet with the women that we have already registered for it and thereafter we will continue to get ourselves grounded in the city. After that, I hope to travel to other districts to get  ourselves established to for networking that will build something and we are hoping that this decreases crime because I am targeting the women so that they, in return can change their child. Our motto is you change the mother, you change the child.”


Young also founded the Tyler Savery Foundation in 2017./////