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Mother loses Two Sons in One month to Gun Violence

25 year old Shaquan Almendarez was shot and killed at his front gate. Almendarez was the younger brother of 27 year old Jason Almendarez, who was also gunned down on October 10th, exactly thirteen days ago. Today his mother spoke with the media. Dalila Ical reports.

Mother of Shaquan Almerndarez: “I don’t know if I’m not to see my son or what. I’ll be honest with you when the first one died I was at work. When the second one got shot I was in my bed lying down so all I heard was ‘pow’ ‘pow’ ‘pow’. My oldest son was on the door ‘Bwai, they shot my brother!’ I have my granddaughter in my hand on my bed, my baby is crying then my other daughter ran out of her room and ran to my room telling me to stay in my room. I don’t know I’m not hearing or seeing I just blanked out. When I did come back I sprinted through my room door and came through the front door, I didn’t even remember if the gunman was around or what but I just flew downstairs by the gate. When I got down my son was gasping for air and all I did was turn his face so that the blood could come out of his mouth. My oldest son pushed me and I hollered for my neighbor to hurry take my son to the hospital. One of the other neighbors came and my son put him in the car and from then the police came. To tell you the truth I was so mad with the police because my son was asking them for protection and they told my son that they couldn’t give him any protection and they were taking him for a clown. It’s not only Jason it could be my other sons but I rebuke it, but in the name of Jesus I rebuke to have another death in my family.”