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Mother of drowning victim seeks answers

US Student Tomari Jackson would have been 15 years old on Monday but unfortunately the bright student from North Cobb High School in Cobb County died on Saturday. He was one of thirty two students who travelled to Belize to the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on an educational trip. On that day, the group went swimming at Tiger Sandy Bay where Jackson went under water and never resurfaced. Coast Guard officials had to remove his body out of the water on Sunday morning and his death has been ruled as accidental drowning. His death has caught the attention of international media, especially from his hometown which we are told is in shock of his sudden death. His mother, Adell Forbes told US media that his death quote “doesn’t make sense to me at all”, end of quote. We have been made aware that she does not have much information on what transpired here in Belize and so she is questioning the death of her son. Forbes could not believe when she was told that her only son had died as she trusted the school and had no reason to doubt their practices.  She questions as to why someone did not realize that he was missing before the head count was done. Tomari’s classmates and chaperones returned to Atlanta on Monday but Forbes has been told it will be at least Friday until her son’s body will be returned.