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Mother of Four Fired After Thirteen Years of Service at the SRH

After thirteen years of working at the Southern Regional Hospital, Angela Lozano was given her walking papers.  The mother of four says the letter gave no reason or grounds for her termination; only that she is being given one month’s notice and a ten percent gratuity.  At a time when the rate of unemployment has sky rocketed in Belize, many others are still losing their jobs.  Lozano says this is hard for her because she gave so much of her time and effort in being a good employee, to now face this reality.

Angela Lozano: “This letter was given to me by the administrator. She was just very emotional. We have been working closely together since 2013 and she just made note that this is a letter she recently received, she hates to be the one to give it to me but this is it. I am the person who does payment and stuff like that so for clarity I decided okay let me call the Ministry because I’m not upset with anyone. I am not angry with none of my colleagues neither am I angry with any of the politicians but before I go ahead and process anything I need to be certain that I am in line so I called the AA Ms.Sanchez she was very kind, guided me but that was it. I haven’t heard from any of my other supervisors or anything like that. My coworkers, a few of them were in the office when I got my letter so they became aware but that was basically it; a letter came ‘tomorrow is your last day and this is your walking paper you need to leave in everything that belongs to the Government of Belize.’ Honestly I don’t think it’s fair after thirteen consecutive years I have been helping everyone in the capacity that I could have be it PUP, UDP, green, yellow, whomever in a health facility you don’t see color you just see patients and people and look for the good in everyone so you can be working with a good work team and that’s what we had at IPC, a good work team, a motivated staff. But this will definitely be a demotivator for the remainder of my colleagues because they’re all in chaos now, ‘Am I next ?’ ‘Who’s next?'” 

Lozano was operating as an Administrative Officer at the time of her termination.  She says that while she is not upset over what she believes is political victimization she is seeking legal advice to ensure that due process has been carried out.

Angela Lozano:  “I do have some issues that I will be addressing. I have already made contact with an attorney and other labor personnel for guidance because I am a Christian and I love living in peace and I don’t want to be pursuing something that isn’t valid so I have some issues from previous years that need to be resolved so that I can be treated fairly. So there are some other issues but in terms of the four week versus the eight week that’s understood for me because it’s in the contract. Maybe it’s something that could be amended for future after someone has given that much consistent years to the government but for now that’s what it is.”

 Lozano told Love News that she believes the political victimization has to do with her husband service on the village council under the UDP administration.