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Mother of Migrant Child Speaks Out

 Twelve-year-old Ashley Enriquez left Belize on March 4 with her aunt. They made her way to the USA and Enriquez made her way to her father in Houston, Texas. It took them thirteen days to reach the Mexico/US border and the good news tonight is that Enriquez is safe and sound with her father. But social media has been unkind to her mother Ana Valles who was criticized for letting her daughter leave Belize but Valles told Love News is a risk the family had to take for Enriquez to have a better life. The family lived in a broken-down house and for years they did so without any electricity and water. Her family are vendors and sell boil corn for years but life has been getting tougher for Enriquez and her mother who is currently battling a sickness. Valles says that it was Enriquez’s father who was the one who asked for the child to go and he guaranteed her safety.

We’ll have more on this in tomorrow’s newscast.