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Mother of Murder Victim Outraged at DPP’s Decision

The mother of 31-year-old, Glen Ramirez Junior has expressed outrage at the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions surrounding her son’s killing.  Agnes Ramirez told Love News that there was more to the entire situation and that a proper investigation was not conducted by the authorities.  To add to that, she is of the opinion that the statements given to police were falsified.


“The three witnesses that they are supposed to take to give statements they don’t want to go and talk so to me they picked up anyone they wanted from the scene to say something and I think that it is our family member who goes in and support her and did not go and speak the truth about this incident. They tampered with that statement because how in the world will a person kill on Friday and will be out by Tuesday? First time in the country of Belize I see something like this. The people of Seine Bight said that she was the one who slapped him because he told her to go home, she didn’t want to go home so she slapped him and he slapped her back. That is what couples do, that is what husbands do, you hit him and he hits you back, first time in the country of Belize I see someone kill and in four or five days’ time she is out. This is corruption and it hurts our village because my son is not an animal that the one who killed him is out already. How do they expect us to feel? If it happened to them how would they feel. They got wrong information, wrong statement. Someone tampered with that statement.”


“You’re saying that your son was not dragging her by the hair, punching her or slapping her or beating her with an ipad that night?”


“Probably it happened that way because he was the one who hit him first, he beat her but she didn’t have to kill him. She didn’t have to kill him. My point is not this fighting part, my point is the killing part; couples do have problems, couples do fight.”

The relationship between the couple was turbulent according to the mother of the deceased.  She told Love News that much of their arguments were due to money.


“He is the one who works, she doesn’t work. She sits home and waits for his money but her problem is the money because if she doesn’t give her money she has four children with a next door neighbor always harassing my son not to maintain his children, she wants all the money and things like that. Always fighting with his ex, she is a troublesome woman because if she doesn’t find my son home that day after she went to fix her nails and her hair for their first anniversary she waited for my son to kill him because she didn’t think he was going to give her money because he had to pay maintenance that same day because the police came here and told him that if he didn’t pay the maintenance that they would pick him up. So I told my son to make sure to pay the maintenance. But when she came from Dangriga she didn’t find my son, he went to Placencia to collect his pay, she waited for him to quarrel with him and that is when this staidness started. But if the police who they called to stop this fight that night that would not have led to the murder of my son. But the police sat right there and couldn’t get up to stop this fight.”

Ramirez went on to say that she believes it is a case of murder and not self defense.


“What did she do with her knife and the knife was not with her at the present moment, she walked from where they were fighting and went for the knife and came back and told him that she was tired of him and she stabbed him. People here talk here but they don’t pick up the correct person to give the correct statement that she moved from the scene went for the knife and stabbed my son. That is premeditated, why was she carrying a knife with her? Because she had intention. So he died because she stabbed her. The DPP and the police are saying that it was self-defense, that is in their eyes but not in the eyes of God because he sees the truth and knows everything. I am not happy. I won’t have any retaliation and I won’t say anything to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am hurt and deeply inside I am hurt; the whole family is hurt.”

The charge was withdrawn yesterday before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Crown Counsel Janelle Tillett stated to Chief Magistrate Smith that she has been instructed in a memorandum from the DPP to withdraw the charge because there is no evidence to rebut self defense. The grounds for the DPP’s decision was based on the fact that statements from eyewitnesses did indicate that she was being assaulted and that the stab wound to Glenn’s chest was inflicted in self defense.  The murder charge could not be supported in this instance as Neshawn had the right to defend herself after pleading to her husband to leave her alone but to no avail.  Love News understands that Neshawn was being hit in the head multiple times with an Ipad.  She was reportedly being slapped and dragged by her hair prior to the stabbing that ended it all.  The incident occurred on Friday night just after eleven o’clock in Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek District.