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Mother of Slain Robber Ashton Samuels says a Gaping Hole is left in her Heart

A few hours after the foiled robbery at Jacky’s Supermarket our Cayo Correspondent me up with Ashton Samuels’ mother. According to the mother, Sherlette Bodden this is the second son she has lost to gun violence.

Bodden says that while she did not encourage her children to engage in criminal activity, she is left with a the gaping hole in her heart because of the tragedy that has yet again found her doorstep.

Sherlette Bodden, Mother: “I want to say one thing. God bless the Chiney man. God bless the Chiney man and I forgive him and I leave him to God. Vengeance is not mine that is for God so I leave him to God. He knows what he was doing, he knows what he was doing AJ I don’t know because I was not there and I am not the mom that will encourage my sons in fool but still yet doesn’t matter what he does that doesn’t give nobody the right to shoot him like that. Because he was doing his fool but he has family and he has his mom, especially his mom right. I don’t even know how I will deal with this right now. This is the second baby of mine that has died from gun. The first one and now the last one, man I don’t know how I will get through it. How I will deal with this. God just give me the strength to get through this.”

Samuels leaves behind an eight-month-old daughter.