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Mother reunited with daughter after international custody battle

Three-year-old, Vera Timofeev was reunited with her mother Raquel Cocom just after midday yesterday. Cocom, with the assistance of Tikkun Olam’s Director, Elisa Castellanos, won a court battle to have her daughter returned to her. Since November 2017, the child had been in the USA with her father who refused to return her. Cocom filed a case under the Hague Convention and won. Castellanos and Cocom traveled on Saturday to Fairfield Colombia, South Carolina to bring her back. We had a chance to speak to Cocom who says she is simply happy and looks towards a bright future with her daughter.

Raquel Cocom:“I am so happy I cannot explain the happiness that I have but thanks to the good lord that I have my daughter back. My fear was that she wasn’t going to recognize me but thanks to the good lord she recognized me, she called me momma so I am so happy and thanks to everybody, thanks Elisa and thanks to all the prayers and to all those that were praying for us, thank you very much. I appreciate everything. Well I am excited and yes I am a little bit tired from the trip but I am so excited that I have my daughter back and we are enjoying it and I just want a month to enjoy my daughter so that she can get used to me again and I am thankful to everyone for their prayers and the way how they helped so I am thankful for them. I am so happy and so glad that I have her back and that she is happy. She is always calling me momma, she recognized me and I am so happy for that and I don’t know what else to say. I have so much to say but it doesn’t come out, it’s a joy that I have. It is something that I cannot explain. I think mothers know the joy when they have a kid and it is so hard to explain and I am planning see how to work things out and I don’t want to go to work immediately but I am trying to see how I can have a little business for me, not to leave my baby by herself and just to keep her with me.”

According to Elisa Castellanos, the father of the child has indicated that he will not appeal the outcome of the case.  Cocom says she wants to be an entrepreneur someday soon.