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Mother says daughter was kidnapped

Twelve year old Lucera Constantino has been missing since last week Friday. Her mother Rosa Rivero says that she was kidnapped by a man she knows as Luis Cinteron. Rivero and her friends have been searching for Lucera since last week.

Rosa Rivero – Mother

“From yesterday I’ve been really tired. From Friday to yesterday bushes I walked so much bush, this young lady, our family, my brother and my next son we went through all of those bushes. We find lots of evidence we told the police they went and they saw the evidence but we can’t find anything more.”


“What kind of evidence did you find along the way?”

Rosa Rivero – Mother

“Evidence like writing from his hand, a blackbird, we found some papers where the girl left in the push saying that this is her mom’s phone number. This bush is nothing, this bush over there covers me and you, thicker and how could we find these papers if she is walking on her own. If she is walking on her own why is she leaving me those notes in those bushes? I can’t sleep every minute I get up, every minute I feel my daughter punishing, I can’t do anything. I can’t do anymore. I feel like I am hurting myself. I am weak, when I start walking with those walking sticks I fall. I feel like I am weak, I can’t look in those bushes anymore by myself and the people that were helping me are tired.”

If you know any information that can help the family you are asked to call 661-0396 or 602-5086.